Picked At The

Peak Of

Our love for vegetables began more than 100 years ago in Le Sueur, Minnesota. Today, our farmers still pick each crop at the peak of perfection. It’s what makes our vegetables unforgettably fresh, unmistakably Green Giant!

Quality Taste and Nutrition
Packed in Every Can

Green Giant® vegetables are conveniently packed so you and your family can enjoy phenomenally fresh, delicious and nutritious options all year-round!

800x800 Green Giant Asparagus Spears Extra Long 15 oz. Can
GG Cut Green Beans
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00190569164876 FCE 02062023
GG Whole Kernel Sweet Corn
800x800 Green Giant Mushrooms Pieces Stems 4 oz. Can
GG Sweet Peas
GG Steam Crisp Extra Sweet Corn Niblets

Sustainability is
Central to Our Story

From the seed to the farm to your table Green Giant® strives to deliver garden goodness as sustainably as possible. Our energy efficient canning facilities are close to our growers, not only to ensure maximum freshness, but to limit the carbon footprint of transport vehicles bringing us the harvest. Our jars and cans are made of more than 50% recycled glass or steel. After all, Green is our first name!

A Tall Tale

In 1925, the Green Giant, named after a variety of pea harvested and sold by the company, first appeared. Nearly a century later, he continues to stand tall for our unwavering commitment to delivering the freshest, finest quality canned vegetables in the world.

green giant timeline